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The Opera problem

Opera, in versions earlier than 10.50, would always prefer IPv6 unconditionally over IPv4. This is especially a problem on modern versions of Windows, where transitional IPv6 connectivity is enabled by default. The bug was fixed in version 10.50, when Opera started using the operating system's getaddrinfo() instead of their own built-in resolver library. Version 10.50 was released the 2nd of March, and pushed to auto-update the 22nd of March. The left graph, like the Mac OS X graph above, is intended to show the hypothetical situation where there are no users of buggy Opera versions left on the internet.

A very positive effect is that the distance between the two lines is getting smaller and smaller - that indicates that Opera is becoming less and less of a problem overall. From the right graph below we can see that it will take quite some time before it goes away completely though. (10s timeout version, historic 10s timeout version of the graph below.)

Just like with Mac OS X, when taking buggy versions of Opera out of the question the amount of traffic from transitional IPv6 addresses drops considerably.